March Cosmetics Haul

March was a great cosmetics month for me! I discovered the elf website (RIP money), and I got a couple of great beauty boxes in the mail. That being said, I’ve decided to tone it down a bit, so there’ll be some changes to the sorts of things you see on here.

I purchased my first elf lipstick from Target when it was still in Canada (also, RIP), and I loved it. So upon discovering how inexpensive it is to shop from them online, I bought another two lipsticks – the one I originally got was pink, so I  tried a tan shade, and also black which is my new favourite thing ever. I also picked up another pink lipstick, and a couple of different black eyeliners that I’m excited to try!
This month’s Topbox was pretty great – on top of my four expected products, I received  a handful of Dove hair products, which was cool. Whenever I see lip products, I get excited – so the NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss is already one of my favourites (even though it is a gloss and gets my hair sticky when I headbang at concerts). I haven’t tried the Eyeko London Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner yet, but eyeliner is something I love to experiment with, so I’ll be giving that a go soon. As for the L’Oreal Professionnel Fix Anti-Frizz, I am in love. Anything anti-frizz is super helpful to my hair. And the Cake Beauty Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse I haven’t tried yet, but I am excited to see how it works.

Once again, my monthly ipsy glam bag was awesome. It keeps getting better and better. I already am in love with the tarte cosmetics quick dry matte lip paint. Like I’ll probably purchase it regularly now. The INT Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Goddess Gold and the Skone Cosmetics Luxe Pro Blending Brush have been happily added to my collection, with intent to try these for an event I have coming up. I’m also super excited to try the OUAI Treatment Masque because I tried their Wave Spray a couple months ago, and I love their products! When I saw the Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream – I was so interested. I’m not typically a cream person, but this just looks too cool (and cute) not to give it a go.

As for the changes coming up – I actually unsubscribed from Topbox. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but I’m making some cutbacks and budgeting, and I chose ipsy over Topbox for a few reasons. I like the bags you get from ipsy, and I greatly prefer the bag-reviewing process. So I’ll still be posting beauty hauls, but it’ll be narrowed down to ipsy and whatever else I happen to buy that month!

See anything here that catches your eye? Are you an ipster with some preferred products in the March bag? Let me know!


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February Beauty Boxes: ipsy and Topbox

I got both of my beauty box subscriptions this week, and I am LOVING both of them. So let’s dive in and take a look at the products for my February Topxbox and ipsy glam bag!

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This month’s Topbox featured a couple of lip products, and those are the ones I use most often, so that was nice. I’m looking forward to trying the Mettrum Originals Hemp Lip Balm, and I’ve already fallen in love with the Too Faced MELTED Liquified Long Wear Lipstick. I’m pretty picky with my shades of lipstick, and this one is perfect.

I’m also pretty excited to try out the Bella Aura Skincare Daily Repair Moisturizer, because I received a Bella Aura product in a previous bag, and quite liked it. And I’ve never used a product like the St. Tropica Hot Oil Treatment Botanically Infused Coconut Oil before, so one day when I’m feeling particularly experimental, I’ll give it a go.

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I love the way ipsy gets subscribers of their glam bag to review each item. It honestly makes the experience a lot better, because now that I’ve reviewed a few things, they give me more of what I actually like. So this month is my 4th bag, and I’m really happy with everything inside.

The NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick (Ripe Berry) is such a smooth lipstick – although I wish I’d gotten the brighter shade of red. I’ll still wear this one because it’s a quality lipstick (NYX is my fave). I also use mascara on a daily basis and the Bellapierre Cosmetics Volumelash Waterproof Mascara I got this month is awesome!

I’m not a huge nail polish person, but I do enjoy painting my toes every once in a while, so the Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish ($12 Latte) will come in handy when the snow melts and it’s sandal season again! And I’m also not huge into creams, but I do use facial scrub and eye cream, so I’m actually quite grateful to get the Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream and Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub.

I’ve only had these bags for a couple days, and I’m already so excited to play around with these new products! Are you a fellow ipster? Subscribe to another beauty box? What are some of your favourite products you’ve received?


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January Beauty Boxes: ipsy and Topbox

Instead of having separate beauty subscription posts, I’m going to start blending them into one.

So first up, let’s take a look at my ipsy January glam bag!


This month’s glam bag was pretty great actually. Sometimes I’m worried that I won’t use a lot of what’s in the bag, or it’ll be a toss-up, but I’ll probably be able to use most of these products. As someone who is learning guitar, I can’t ever keep my nails long. But I do like to try and make them appear pretty with top coat. So the Ciaté London Gelology Top Coat is not going to go to waste. I’ve also really been enjoying the Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss, which is super smooth, and the Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset #02 has been a great eyeshadow for me.

I’m going to try to experiment and use theBalm Cosmetics Bahama Mama as an eyebrow filler, because that’s the only way I’d see myself using it. But that would get a lot of use for me. The only product I don’t think I’ll use is the Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paradise Blush, because my face is already really red and if anything, I try to appear paler. So I stay away from blushes.

Next up is my January Topbox. I was a little iffy about Topbox after last month, when I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use anything in that bag, but this month rectified my love of the subscription.

The first thing I noticed was the complimentary Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover, which was awesome. I also got very excited about the Voesh New York Pedi Mud Masque in Olive Sensation, which I tried the other day and loved. I’ve never used a masque product before, so it was definitely fun to dip my toes into that (pun sort of intended). And also, I happily added the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to my collection.

Serum and skin products really make me wary, because I believe you’d have to use a lot of them to see a difference, if they work at all. I honestly believe a lot of them are just goop you put on your face and hope for the result you’re looking for. So I’ve tried the Darphin Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum once, because redness is an issue for me, but I’m wondering if I’ll ever see an effect.

Also I got the exact same Manna Kadar blush as I’d got in my ipsy glam bag. And… I still don’t use blush, so I’ll donate these to a friend or something.

But overall my January beauty subscriptions made me really happy, and I’m excited to see what February has in store!


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December Topbox

My second Topbox came in the mail this month, and I honestly haven’t had too much time to play around with the products inside, because I’ve been busy prepping for Christmas, and also I’ve been extremely sick this week. But I’ll share with you guys the products I got, and which ones I’m most excited to try out!


My December Topbox

Like last month, this month’s selection was a handful of products I’ve never actually used before. And I don’t mean brands – I mean, I’ve never used a makeup blender in my life. Because I’ve never had the need to use one. So maybe one day I’ll try out the Laritzy Pro Blender, but for now, I’m just keeping it on my shelf.

I’m quite interested in trying the Bella Aura Instant Lifting Eye Contour and the Cake Beauty Hand Repair Balm, because they’re both things I think I would use anyway in my regular routine.

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex just seems intimidating and I don’t know how to use it, or why I should at this point.

Honestly, I think I may give Topbox a couple more tries before deciding to unsubscribe. I’ve gotten a few good things, but I find there are more products that I’ll use coming out of my ipsy subscription.


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Love this product in my December ipsy Glam Bag!

First of all, not ipsy-related, but I got these NYX products recently that I had to share with you guys. This Liquid Suede is my new favourite lipstick. I’m into bright pink shades, so this one, called Life’s a Beach, is perfect. It’s moved its way up to almost daily usage for me. And I tried the green liquid eyeliner this morning and love it! It’s not super bright, but does add a great pop of colour.

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But now onto the real reason you’re reading this. You want to know my favourite products in my December glam bag!


This month’s glam bag

Out of all five products I received, my favourite is hands down the Ouai wave spray. I never use hair products. My hair is very flat and no matter what I do to it, it always falls straight. I’m considering getting a curling iron to add some wave to it… but I digress. I used some of the wave spray this week, and anytime my hair felt flat, I just muss it up, and voila! Not flat hair! I love it!

The other products I enjoyed from this bag are the Jersey Shore lip balm (this is so smooth and pepperminty, like why is all lip balm not this smooth), and the Ofra eyeshadow/highlighter. I don’t ever wear eyeshadow unless I’m feeling particularly artsy with lots of time on my hands, but I tried this one out and it adds just a bit of colour and sparkle to my lids. It was subtle but pretty – I got a couple compliments throughout the day about it!

I’m not a huge fan of oils – my face is oily enough. So I tried the Tarte skin oil once and sort of stayed away from it. Not my thing. I was also really excited for the Ciate London liquid lip colour, but the shade was a little flat for me. I have a redder face, so I like to try and make my lips pop – but this shade made my lips look the same as my face. I’d love to try the product in another colour, because it felt comfortable!

Can’t wait to see what next month has in store!


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My First Topbox Let Me Get Adventurous!

I got my first Topbox subscription this month! I’m so excited to share with you all the products I received, and talk a little bit about my experience as I’ve tested them out over the past week.

When it comes to specific brands, I’m not a wizard. I don’t really have any brand loyalty when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products because I’m still testing the waters. To give you an idea of where I come from, I had to Google “leave-in conditioner” and have my friend explain to me when to use it and why. So this is coming from the perspective of someone with very little experience, who wants to open her eyes and experiment with a variety of products to become more comfortable with them.

The thing I was most excited to receive this month was the Smashbox FULL EXPOSURE Mascara. I use mascara on a daily basis, and I’ve actually heard of the brand before, so I went in with high expectations. Comparing this to the ipsy bag I also received this month, I think I still prefer theBalm’s mascara because of the curved applicator and volume it added it my lashes, but Smashbox is still fantastically smooth!

Skin lotion and cream is another thing I haven’t exactly used a lot of, but getting to try out the Dr. Roebuck’s PURE cream on my problem areas, I could definitely feel a difference in how soft my skin had become. And I’ve been using the Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster every morning, just because it helps to make me look and feel refreshed.

The Novex Bamboo Sprout Leave In Conditioner was the scariest thing for me, because I’ve never used products in my hair besides two-in-one shampoo. Once I’m out of the shower, I just blowdry and go. I was honestly nervous the conditioner would leave my hair feeling oily, but instead made it smooth and glossy and thick, which was awesome!

Overall, I’m really excited that I got to be a little more adventurous with my beauty routine because of this Topbox, and I’m looking forward to next month’s box!