MUSE & 30 Seconds to Mars: Budweiser Stage

MUSE & 30 Seconds to Mars w/ PVRIS
When: July 18, 2017
Where: Budweiser Stage – Toronto, ON
Seats: 400 Level


Jacob and I have had these tickets since before we were dating. I mentioned to him that Muse was coming to Toronto, and he said they were his favourite band and they were playing the day before his birthday, so we snagged some tickets. The closer the show got, the more hyped we both were. And by the day of the show, we were cranking “Dig Down” in the car at every chance we got. There is no one I would have rather seen this with than Jacob.


I have never seen a concert like the one Muse performed for us. It was incredible. Their sound is just as unique as it is on the record – actually, they’re even better live. It’s so interesting and frankly cool as fuck to see how these guys create their distinct sound with their instruments. Next time Muse is in town, I’ll be dishing out more money for better seats, because I had an amazing time.


  1. Dig Down ♥
  2. Psycho
  3. Interlude
  4. Hysteria ♥
  5. Map of the Problematique
  6. Plug In Baby
  7. The 2nd Law: Isolated System
  8. Stockholm Syndrome ♥
  9. Supermassive Black Hole ♥♥
  10. New Kind of Kick
  11. Madness ♥♥♥
  12. Dead Inside ♥
  13. Munich Jam
  14. Starlight ♥♥
  15. Time is Running Out
  16. Mercy ♥
  17. The Globalist

18. Uprising ♥♥
19. Knights of Cydonia ♥


South Park: The Stick of Truth – Game Review

Image result for stick of truth

Publish date: March 4, 2014
Rating: ★★★★★


You are the new kid in South Park, and it doesn’t take long for Cartman to recruit you for their game. But when the battle between fake mages and elves for the Stick of Truth becomes a battle to stop the very real green alien goo that creates Nazi zombies, there is only one kid who has the strength, and the farts, to save the world.


I am a huge South Park fan. I love the satire and the 2D animations, and this game felt very much like playing through an episode of the show. I loved the fact that this game had turn-based combat; being a newer gamer, this aspect really helped me to gain more control of the combat at my own pace. And I didn’t feel like being turn-based slowed down the combat at all. Adding upgrades to my weapons and trying to build my ultimate character, and then smacking down some zombies with my fiery vibrator-sword was really satisfying. Being able to pick from South Park’s finest to be your combat buddies was pretty cool, too. (Butters. Always Butters.)

I also really enjoyed the collectible aspect of the game. I loved exploring South Park, discovering inside jokes from the show and collecting all of the items (Chinpokomon!) It was just so much fun to play through, and play through again to complete all of the side quests you may miss during your first attempt.

Side note: I’m currently streaming my third playthrough of this game – trying to collect all of the friends. Follow BohoWallflower on Twitch to get notified when I go live!


If I had one piece of criticism, it would be that I don’t particularly like how some of the collectibles (i.e. Chinpokomon, making friends, etc.) can be missed in the main quest. Some places you can only enter during certain points of the game, and if you miss these collectibles, you can’t just go back once you’re done – you have to restart the game and play through the whole thing again to get the few things you missed. I don’t mind replaying this game, because it’s a lot of fun, but it’s sort of frustrating to go back and do a whole replay for one little thing to get the achievement.


  • You are a fan of South Park;
  • You love games with lots of side quests and collectibles;
  • You’re looking for a fairly easy game with which you can kick back and relax.

I cannot wait for the sequel, The Fractured But Whole, to finally hit shelves!


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Big Wreck & Yukon Blonde: Canada Day

Big Wreck & Yukon Blonde
When: July 1, 2017
Where: Chinguacousy Park – Brampton, ON
Seats: General Admission


I got to go to this show with probably my two favourite people in the world – my sister and my boyfriend. Jacob is obsessed with Big Wreck, and recently introduced me to the awesome that is Ian Thornley’s voice, so we were pretty stoked to be at this free concert!


First up was Yukon Blonde, which – okay – I only knew “Saturday Night” going into this thing. But by the time they were finished their set, I was quite disappointed to see them leave the stage. The band was really energetic and their tunes are so upbeat and fun!

Yukon Blonde @ Chinguacousy Park, July 1, 2017

When Big Wreck hit the stage, the crowd started to get a little more amped up. Their set was a little shorter than anticipated, but I absolutely loved every song – even the ones I didn’t already know! Honestly, I cannot get enough of his voice. Ahhhhh. And of course, during their last song, Thornley broke into a guitar instrumental of “O Canada”, to remind everyone why we were all at this show in the first place. Definitely one of my favourite Canada Day concerts!


Yukon Blonde:

  1. Confused ♥
  2. Como
  3. Emotional Blackmail ♥
  4. Love the Way You Are ♥
  5. Saturday Night ♥
  6. I Wanna Be Your Man
  7. Crazy ♥
  8. My Girl ♥
  9. Favourite People
  10. Stairway

Big Wreck:

  1. One Good Piece of Me ♥
  2. A Million Days
  3. Fall Through the Cracks ♥
  4. That Song ♥
  5. Wolves
  6. Ladylike
  7. Ghosts ♥
  8. You Don’t Even Know ♥
  9. Albatross ♥
  10. Tomorrow Down
  11. Blown Wide Open ♥
  12. The Oaf

Third Eye Blind: Summer Gods Tour

Third Eye Blind and Silversun Pickups
When: June 28, 2017
Where: Echo Beach – Toronto, ON
Seats: General Admission


I went to this one with concert-buddy Marco, and honestly it was probably the most chill show I’ve been to in a long time. Neither of us were like “super fans” of Third Eye Blind – only knowing a handful of songs each; we were just happy to spend a night on the beach and get to listen to some tunes.


When Third Eye Blind came out, the crowd went nuts. The beginning of their set was pretty slow, and I was wondering when it was going to pick up. That’s when they announced they’d be playing their debut album front to back, and the show kicked into gear. Even the songs I wasn’t familiar with made me want to dance. But of course, I think everyone was expecting those mega-nostalgic hits to be the highlights of the show, and the band delivered! From the very first chord of “Semi-Charmed Life”, “Jumper”, “Never Let You Go”, and “How It’s Gonna Be”, the entire audience cheered and began screaming the lyrics along. Overall, the show was pretty upbeat and fun, but my mood was kind of mellow.


I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this audience, honestly. But the crowd was made up of a lot of people in their 20s and 30s who were ready for a night of 90s nostalgia. It was kind of awesome to see hundreds of drunk people screaming along to “Jumper” like their lives depended on it.


  1. Weightless
  2. Company of Strangers
  3. Horror Show ♥
  4. Wounded
  5. Queen of Daydreams
  6. Shipboard Cook
  7. Losing a Whole Year ♥
  8. Narcolepsy ♥
  9. Semi-Charmed Life ♥
  10. Jumper ♥
  11. How It’s Gonna Be ♥
  12. Thanks a Lot
  13. Burning Man
  14. Good for You
  15. London ♥
  16. I Want You
  17. The Background
  18. Motorcycle Drive By ♥

19. Never Let You Go ♥
20. God of Wine


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Arkells + July Talk @ Budweiser Stage

Arkells + July Talk with Said the Whale and Mondo Cozmo
When: June 24, 2017
Where: Budweiser Stage – Toronto, ON
Seats: General Admission – Lawn


I could not have asked for a better group of people to see this concert with. I had an unanticipated extra ticket and asked my sister to come along – promising her the most fun concert she’s ever attended – and she said yes. (An answer which she doesn’t regret, because she is now obsessed with both Arkells and July Talk). And then my friends Christine, Jeremy, Marco, and Mike were all coming as well, so we met up and got super psyched together for what would be an amazing show.

It was actually the best thing ever to dance and sing along to my favourite tunes with some of my favourite people.


The opening acts of this show were both pretty stellar. I’ve got a few Said the Whale songs on my iPod so it was cool to hear them live. I’ve never heard of Mondo Cozmo, but I really liked their music. But honestly, the entire time, I was counting down the seconds to the two headlining bands of this concert. And once they hit the stage, I think I literally lost my mind.

Having only heard July Talk songs on the radio before, I was really hesitant that lead male vocalist, Peter Dreimanis, would actually sound as deep and raspy as he does in the recordings. So let me just say: he sounds even better live. The entire band does. Peter and Leah’s voices are incredible together, and their chemistry on stage brought the crowd to its feet. They also (very smartly) advertised their next set of shows to the 16,000 people packing the Bud Stage that night. Needless to say those shows sold out almost immediately. (And needless to say, my sister and I will be going).

Arkells. My band. I’ve seen them before and I knew I’d love seeing them again. They’ve quickly become my #1 favourite band. So when the lights went out for them to begin, the cheers rumbled and I went into full fangirl-concert mode. Every song they played was a hit. Front man, Max Kerman, did not let the energy die down even for a second. I don’t think anyone in the crowd stopped dancing at any point during their set.

But easily the best part of the entire night was the encore. The venue gave everyone at the show a beer cup that would light up red at certain points in the encore. Arkells came out to sing “My Heart’s Always Yours” and the cups lit up the venue – pulsing and dancing along to the tune of the song. Then all four acts came out once more and did a rendition of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” that had everyone going wild (including the red lights).

It was quite honestly the best concert I think I’ve ever been to in my life.


July Talk:

  1. Picturing Love ♥
  2. Summer Dress
  3. Gentleman
  4. Johnny + Mary ♥
  5. Lola + Joseph ♥
  6. Strange Habit
  7. Guns + Ammunition ♥
  8. Paper Girl ♥
  9. Jesus Said So
  10. My Neck
  11. Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover) ♥
  12. I’ve Rationed Well
  13. Touch
  14. Beck + Call ♥
  15. Push + Pull ♥
  16. The Garden


  1. Private School ♥
  2. Michigan Left ♥
  3. Never Thought That This Would Happen ♥♥
  4. Come to Light ♥
  5. 11:11 ♥♥
  6. Oh, the Boss is Coming! ♥
  7. Pullin’ Punches ♥♥
  8. Drake’s Dad ♥
  9. Savannah
  10. And Then Some ♥♥
  11. Book Club ♥
  12. Leather Jacket ♥♥
  13. Dirty Blonde ♥♥
  14. Whistleblower ♥
  15. A Little Rain (A Song for Pete) ♥♥♥
  16. Cynical Bastards ♥♥
  17. Knocking at the Door ♥♥

18. My Heart’s Always Yours ♥♥
19. Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen cover with July Talk, Mondo Cozmo, and Said the Whale) ♥♥♥


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Train: Play That Song Tour

Train with O.A.R and Natasha Bedingfield
When: June 21, 2017
Where: Budweiser Stage – Toronto, ON
Seats: General Admission – Lawn


When these tickets dropped on Groupon for $15, I knew I had to snatch them up! And I asked one of my besties, Nikki, to come along – to which she obviously said yes, because why would someone not say yes to $15 concert tickets? Who knows.

And then this opportunity got even more awesome when we got to the venue and apparently the show didn’t sell out – which, okay, I guess isn’t great for them – but it was great for us, because they were upgrading people who had lawn seats! So we ended up in the 300-section instead of two sections back, sitting on the grass. So that was nifty.


It wasn’t until a few days before the concert that I realized how many Train songs I knew. Obviously, Drops of Jupiter. But I couldn’t believe how many hits they had. And I recognized even more of them at the show. Train would launch into the next song, and I’d start singing along; something in the back of my mind remembered lyrics to Meet Virginia from years ago. But the band was incredible and so high energy the whole time.

I particularly liked the fact that Train brought out the two opening acts (Natasha Bedingfield and O.A.R) at separate points during their set to do a song collaboratively. A lot of the time, people aren’t there to see the opening acts, so it was cool to see how supportive and excited the audience was to see them back again to perform with the headliner.

Some favourites are marked in the setlist below, but I really enjoyed getting to hear Drive By, Hey Soul Sister, and their cover of Queen/Bowie’s “Under Pressure” was absolutely fantastic.


The audience may not have been as high-energy as the band on stage, but they were definitely excited to be at this show. I always find it interesting to see the crowds at shows and see who is a fan of the band. I’m into some pretty diverse stuff and I don’t typically enter any “fan communities”, so I’m honestly not too aware of what kinds of people to expect at certain concerts. And this one was very up in the air for me. But I thought it was cool to see the wide range of people at this one – people of literally all ages could be seen around the venue, and everyone was up dancing.

$15 tickets on Groupon for a night like that? Yeah, I’d definitely do it again.


  1. Drink Up
  2. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
  3. If It’s Love
  4. Angel in Blue Jeans
  5. Get to Me
  6. Save Me, San Francisco ♥
  7. Calling All Angels ♥
  8. Bruises (with Natasha Bedingfield) ♥
  9. Meet Virginia ♥
  10. Drive By ♥
  11. Marry Me
  12. You Better Believe
  13. You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon cover – with O.A.R)
  14. Working Girl
  15. Mermaid/Shape of You/Cheap Thrills/Treat You Better/Lost and Found ♥
  16. Hey, Soul Sister ♥
  17. Play That Song ♥

18. Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie cover) ♥
19. Drops of Jupiter ♥


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How the Arkells Changed My Life

I can count the bands I love on one hand. They’re not just bands I like, but bands that have had a serious impact on my life. Green Day has always been my group – the one whose music has meant the most to me and inspired me since I was ten years old. It’s been so long, I guess I forgot what it felt like to “love” a group like that. Then I got a chance to see Arkells at their homecoming concert in Hamilton.

“Take me to the bus stop Matty, drive me back to Hamilton…”
-Book Club

It was the first concert I’ve ever been to where I only knew a couple of songs, but still had a blast singing along. I fell in love that night – but not with a person. Arkells rekindled my love and appreciation for music. Their songs are so upbeat and happy, or emotionally charged. I can’t stand still. “Dirty Blonde” comes on, and I just need to dance.

“Give me your number, pick any colour, I can tell your fortune tonight.”
-Dirty Blonde

I guess that’s when I realized I wasn’t happy. In that moment, I fell in love with a sound harder than I’d fallen in love with the person I was dating. When I listen to their music, it makes me feel stronger – happier, sadder, giddier – than I felt when I was with the guy who was supposed to be “the one”.

In that moment, I decided I was tired of feeling numb. I realized I don’t need a person to make me feel – I can feel things on my own – with a book, with a game, with a band, with a song. And whether it was with another person, or by myself, I realized this is how I wanted to feel for the rest of my life.

The Arkells were the light in my life when I was numb and repressed by my selfish ex.

“I just want to love you, but it’s so hard.”
-Private School

They were there when he left me.

“When the rain starts comin’ down, a little rain ain’t bringin’ me down.”
-A Little Rain (A Song for Pete)

And they were there when I fell for someone who respected me, and who empowered me to be the person I wanted to be, for me. Not for him or for anyone else.

“It used to be just weekends, now I want you everyday.”
-My Heart’s Always Yours

The Arkells were my lifeline in a time when I needed something to shake me from my comfort zone, and tell me that there was something better out there for me. I just had to get out of my funk and find it.

And I can already feel the difference between going through the motions, and being just plain happy. I’m as happy as I was that night in Hamilton, and I feel happy every time I put High Noon on my record player.

I cannot wait to see the Arkells when they come to Toronto this month, because this time around it’ll mean so much more.


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Bon Jovi: This House is Not for Sale Tour

Bon Jovi w/ Cannons
When: April 11, 2017
Where: Air Canada Centre – Toronto, ON
Seats: Lower level, Row 25 – Rear


This was the first concert where Jacob accompanied me, and it was really exciting – mostly because I’m a pretty quiet person, but when it comes to concerts, I’m loud and I sing and dance the whole time. And it’s kind of scary to go to a show with someone who may or may not clap along or cheer at the end of a song. But we had a great time dancing together!

It was also particularly awesome because we got these tickets off of Groupon, so they were $20 each. So it was super last minute, but such a great night.


I was kind of worried, because our discount tickets put us sort of behind the stage, but honestly the view was incredible. And when Bon Jovi hit the stage, everyone was on their feet, dancing and cheering the whole night. I was excited to hear a handful of my favourite songs (“Shot Through the Heart” – heyyyooo) but I didn’t realize how many other songs I recognized!

I think what I loved the most was that JBJ was really open to creating an experience for all types of fans. At one point, he began explaining the meaning behind the band’s newer songs and what they meant to them before beginning each one. Then he announced, “This is the last new one – the rest are hits from here on out.” When a band has so many hits, it must be hard to find a happy medium when touring a new album. But I think they did a great job at introducing This House is Not For Sale to an audience that was likely hoping for hits or their older tunes.


The audience at this show was incredible. Sitting at a “behind the stage” angle actually gave me a new appreciation for shows, because it allowed me to see the audience from the perspective of the band on stage. I’d look out and see the lights illuminating the faces in the crowd, and I could see how much fun they were having singing the lyrics along with the band. It was so cool. And of course, my favourite part of any show – when the audience pulls out their lights and makes the ACC look like the night sky – was just amplified because of all the excitement and my surprisingly amazing seats.



  1. This House is Not for Sale ♥
  2. Knockout
  3. You Give Love a Bad Name ♥
  4. Lost Highway
  5. Who Lot of Leavin’ ♥
  6. Roller Coaster ♥
  7. We Weren’t Born to Follow
  8. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
  9. We Got It Goin’ On ♥
  10. Who Says You Can’t Go Home ♥
  11. It’s My Life ♥
  12. We Don’t Run
  13. God Bless This Mess ♥
  14. Scars on This Guitar ♥
  15. New Year’s Day
  16. Lay Your Hands on Me ♥
  17. Born to Be My Baby
  18. Have a Nice Day ♥
  19. Bad Medicine ♥
  20. Keep the Faith

21. Always ♥
22. Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars
23. Wanted Dead or Alive ♥
24. Livin’ on a Prayer ♥


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The Zolas @ The Opera House

The Zolas
When: March 16, 2017
Where: The Opera House – Toronto, ON
Seats: General Admission – Floor


This show was such a last minute thing. My friend Marco messaged and asked if I wanted to go with him to a concert. And I’m always up for a concert. Even if I don’t know the band – as was with this case – I know Marco and I have pretty similar taste in music, so I trust him. I listened to some Zolas before heading out, and already had a few favourite songs in mind as we headed to The Opera House.


The show was fantastic! The audience was so hyped when The Zolas took the stage, and the band was able to keep the excitement rolling their entire set. There was a good mix of upbeat songs that I could bop along to, and some slower, more mellow tunes, which I always enjoy. And even during the slower songs, I was really enjoying watching the band rock out. There was never a dull moment.

I thought it was especially cool that during their last song, the lead singer came into the crowd and performed from the centre of the floor. Everyone circled around and shone their cell phone lights on him, lighting the venue. It was a really cool experience!

Side note: It’s been a month and I still frequently get “Ancient Mars” stuck in my head.


Shows are just significantly more enjoyable when they’re general admission shows, honestly. I don’t care if I don’t know the band – if I’m standing in a general admission area, I feel like I’m part of the crowd. Part of the show. Part of an experience. Not just watching – but a part. And that’s how I felt this entire show.

The Zolas really seemed to appreciate the fact that they filled The Opera House with so many enthusiastic fans, and you know what – they gained another one that night. I’d happily buy a ticket to see them in Toronto again.


  1. In Heaven
  2. Molotov Girls ♥
  3. Get Dark ♥
  4. Fell In Love with New York ♥
  5. Ancient Mars ♥
  6. Cultured Man
  7. You’re Too Cool
  8. Freida on the Mountain ♥
  9. This Changes Everything
  10. Marlaina Kamikaze
  11. Cab Driver
  12. Strange Girl ♥
  13. CV Dazzle
  14. Swooner ♥

15. Invisible ♥
16. Observatory
17. Escape Artist ♥

Simple Plan: Take One For the Team Tour

Simple Plan w/ Set It Off & Plain White Ts
When: March 14, 2017
Where: Air Canada Centre – Toronto, ON
Seats: Lower level, Row 4


This show was originally supposed to take place on Nov. 18th of 2016, but had to be pushed back. So I originally got the tickets because Nov. 18th is my bestie’s birthday, and Simple Plan is our thing.

But attending the concert a few months later was still super special. There’s no one I’d rather scream and dance with to songs like “I’d Do Anything” and “I’m Just a Kid”.


First I have to talk about the openers. I’ve never heard of the band Set It Off before, but they were pretty entertaining. But when I saw that Plain White T’s would be there, the 14-year-old inside me wept. Their performance was so down to earth and honest. And of course, they ended with “Hey There, Delilah”, which was nothing short of nostalgic.

Then Simple Plan took the stage, and I got very excited. We had great seats, and Simple Plan never disappoints! Personally, I’m a bigger fan of their first couple of albums, so when they launched into upbeat angsty teen songs like “Jump” or “Shut Up”, I couldn’t NOT sing along. But even the songs I wasn’t as familiar with, I could still rock out to. They played quite a few slower tunes, but some of the best SP songs are better listened to acoustically (lookin’ at you, “Welcome to My Life” and “Perfect”), so I had no problem swaying with bestie and feeling the feels. It was a great night.


The thing I love about Simple Plan is that their audience is so diverse, especially with regards to age. There were young girls there rocking Take One for the Team t-shirts. There were men and women in their 20s who clearly grew up with this band and wanted to show their support. And there were husbands and wives in their later years who came out to enjoy the show. I just love how a band can appeal to such a wide fanbase.

Also, I don’t know if this was because the show got postponed, or because there were hazardous road conditions due to a snow storm, but the show just didn’t sell out. The people who were there were having a great time, but it was hard not to notice that half the floor looked empty, and lots of the seats, too. Honestly, I feel like it would have been better to have the show in a slightly more intimate venue, because to me, that’s what their music is anyway – something personal. Their lyrics aren’t just lyrics I sing and dance to – they’re lyrics I relate to, and feel.


  1. Opinion Overload
  2. Jet Lag
  3. Jump (with excerpts of “I’ve Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas)
  4. I’d Do Anything ♥
  5. Boom
  6. Welcome to My Life ♥
  7. Addicted ♥
  8. Your Love is a Lie
  9. Perfectly Perfect
  10. I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed
  11. Uptown Funk/Can’t Feel My Face (Mark Ronson/The Weeknd covers)
  12. Can’t Keep My Hands Off You ♥
  13. Summer Paradise ♥
  14. Farewell
  15. Crazy
  16. I’m Just a Kid ♥

17. Shut Up ♥
18. Perfect World
19. This Song Saved My Life
20. Perfect ♥


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