Writing Prompt #2

Today’s prompt is a little more laid back.

Describe each decade of your life using pop songs.

I’m actually going to switch this up and make it every 5 years, otherwise this list would be very short. I’m also trying to use songs that I was actually listening to at the time, so sorry if they’re not actually “pop” songs.

1991-1996: Infancy

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland

As a child, I was obsessed with musicals. I mean, I still am, but more so as a kid. I’d watch The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast on repeat. Multiple times a day. What do Belle and Dorothy have in common? They were both big dreamers. They wanted more from their dull, repetitive lives. And they inspired me at a young age to be a dreamer too.

1997-2002: Childhood

Numb – Linkin Park

I look back on these years of my life and feel very confused. I talk to friends and family, and it sounds like people have vivid memories and had some kind of personality. For me, I don’t think I even had a personality until I was in university. I just sort of did what I was told, went to school… I barely remember any friends from this period because I didn’t really register friends as important. I don’t think I registered anything as important. I was just a very numb, bland, empty human.

2003-2008: High School era

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) – My Chemical Romance

So, besides the fact that I was just an angsty teenager, I took it to the emo level hardcore. This song was basically my anthem during this time period. It was angry, it gave me a chance to scream about the fact that I wasn’t very happy with my life. It helped define my style and sort of helped shape who I wanted to become. MCR was my band. So it seems fitting that this was my song.

2009-2014: University era

Minority – Green Day

About this time, I was hard into Green Day. I mean, I’ve always been hard into Green Day, but this era more than others. I’m not a rule-breaker. I’m not a punk. I’m not a rebel without a cause. I’m actually far on the opposite end of that spectrum. Goody-two-shoes. Timid. But “Minority” summed up what I felt about myself, and what I wanted to be. For the first time, I had a more defined personality because I knew I was different, embraced it, and molded that definition to mean what I wanted it to mean – rather than molding myself to fit something else.

2015- : Adulting

Knocking at the Door – Arkells

I couldn’t even think of a better song to describe my adulthood than this Arkells hit. This is a point in my life where I know what I want and go for it. For the first time in my life, I’ve defined my morals, my opinions, my feelings, my thoughts. I’m no longer stumbling through life hoping to strike some sort of mental and emotional gold; I know who I am now and am using my personality as a tool to make things happen in my life that work for me.

I’m hoping the song to describe the next five years is “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles.
Now that I know who I am, I want to start spending more time and energy influencing people around me for the better.



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