Big Wreck & Yukon Blonde: Canada Day

Big Wreck & Yukon Blonde
When: July 1, 2017
Where: Chinguacousy Park – Brampton, ON
Seats: General Admission


I got to go to this show with probably my two favourite people in the world – my sister and my boyfriend. Jacob is obsessed with Big Wreck, and recently introduced me to the awesome that is Ian Thornley’s voice, so we were pretty stoked to be at this free concert!


First up was Yukon Blonde, which – okay – I only knew “Saturday Night” going into this thing. But by the time they were finished their set, I was quite disappointed to see them leave the stage. The band was really energetic and their tunes are so upbeat and fun!

Yukon Blonde @ Chinguacousy Park, July 1, 2017

When Big Wreck hit the stage, the crowd started to get a little more amped up. Their set was a little shorter than anticipated, but I absolutely loved every song – even the ones I didn’t already know! Honestly, I cannot get enough of his voice. Ahhhhh. And of course, during their last song, Thornley broke into a guitar instrumental of “O Canada”, to remind everyone why we were all at this show in the first place. Definitely one of my favourite Canada Day concerts!


Yukon Blonde:

  1. Confused ♥
  2. Como
  3. Emotional Blackmail ♥
  4. Love the Way You Are ♥
  5. Saturday Night ♥
  6. I Wanna Be Your Man
  7. Crazy ♥
  8. My Girl ♥
  9. Favourite People
  10. Stairway

Big Wreck:

  1. One Good Piece of Me ♥
  2. A Million Days
  3. Fall Through the Cracks ♥
  4. That Song ♥
  5. Wolves
  6. Ladylike
  7. Ghosts ♥
  8. You Don’t Even Know ♥
  9. Albatross ♥
  10. Tomorrow Down
  11. Blown Wide Open ♥
  12. The Oaf

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