Michelle Muses: May 2017

Holy crap, I feel like this month flew by. Remember how at the end of April, I said I would take it easier this month? I actually did it! I’m usually the worst and just fill my calendar with stuff, but I took this month kind of easy. So here are the low-key adventures I went on in May.

Mother’s Day: For Mother’s Day, my mom and I went to see Beauty and the Beast (finally). I was really hesitant about seeing the movie because TBH I’m not a huge fan of Emma Watson (sorry, not sorry), but Beauty and the Beast was my favourite movie as a kid. I would literally watch it like, 4 times back to back in one day and then watch it again the next day, and the next day. No wonder I’m such a book nerd. Anyway, there’s no one else I would have rather gone to see this with, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

When the music started at the beginning, I may have cried. I also may have cried when each character was introduced for the first time (Belle! *sob* Gaston! *sob*). And when Belle and the Beast started the dancing scene… Okay I cried like the whole time. Thank god for 3D glasses covering my shame.

Michelle’s first ball game: So apparently it was sacreligious that I live basically in Toronto and have never been to a Jays game before. So Jacob and I went to one. I’d go again!

May 24 long weekend: Guys I did nothing over May 2-4. It was great. Friday afternoon by 6pm, Jacob and I were in pajamas with a glass of wine/beer and watching Netflix. That was our weekend. It was glorious.

Toronto with Sam: I met up with my bestie Sam and we went shopping (I bought way too many albums whoops), and we had lunch at our fave diner, and dinner at this amazing pho restaurant on Queen street. And even though it was pouring rain like half the time, it was so fun!

Date night in: No man has ever said “let’s cook dinner together” to me before. It is also a fact that I don’t typically cook. So we went and got ingredients, got a little creative, and spent the evening preparing dinner together. ❤

Booked my first vacation: I have never been overseas before. I’ve never been on a vacation without an adulty-relative before. But this weekend, I booked a trip to Iceland with one of my friends, and it is extremely exciting. I’m planning like a crazy person just because it’s fun for me to imagine all the things I can do not in Canada.

Basically, I just spent a lot of time this month with this guy, relaxing and watching TV (recently finished Bill Nye Saves the World and now onto Brooklyn Nine-Nine – so good!) But alas, relaxing can only last so long.

Next month begins the season of concerts.


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