Winterlicious 2017: Insomnia Restaurant & Lounge

img_4324 When I was browsing through the restaurant list for Winterlicious 2017, I was looking for something trendy and brand new to me – someplace I haven’t been, or even seen in the city before. Glancing at the various restaurants, Insomnia was one of the ones that stood out, so my friend and I agreed to take a chance and make our reservations.

My first impression upon walking into the restaurant was that it was a really neat space. Mason jar candles on the tables and string lights on the ceiling lit the lounge, and the bar was just a gorgeous sight to see. I couldn’t wait to see if the food was as appealing as the atmosphere.

img_4328 Winterlicious menus typically only give you a few choices, so I’d decided on my dinner before I even got to the restaurant: Pulled Pork Tacos for an app (pictured above), Insomnia Burger and salad as my main (right), and the Chocolate Truffle Cake for dessert (below). Honestly, I’d thought I would get the sorbet instead of such a chocolate-heavy cake, but the drink I ordered (Purple Haze martini – SKYY vodka, blue curacao, melon liqueur, cranberry juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, grenadine, apple, lime) was pretty sweet and fruity, so I wanted something that would allow for a change of pace.

The burger was cooked well, although if I went back, I’d ask for it cooked a little less (I’m a medium-rare kind of girl). But it was really yummy! And the cake was exactly what I needed to finish off the meal. But the two best parts for me were the drink and the pulled pork tacos.

img_4329I’ve already decided that I want to go back to Insomnia, and when I do, I’m making the Purple Haze martini my regular drink. It is so deliciously fruity and tart, I loved it. I also fell so hard for the pulled pork tacos that I’d probably just go back and order a bunch of them for my meal instead of just one as a  teaser app. It was so delicious, I could have had three or four!

Overall, I was really impressed with the menu items and the relaxed yet trendy atmosphere at Insomnia. On our way out, both me and my friend agreed we’d have to go back at some point. I look forward to the day I’ll be able to visit again and have more of those freakin’ delicious tacos, or take a seat at the bar and enjoy a couple more Purple Haze martinis!


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