The OA: Netflix Review


Publish date: December 16, 2016
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy
Rating: ★★★★★

Guys I’m normally so behind on the times (no, I still haven’t watched Stranger Things). But I was immediately all up over this show. The first season is only eight episodes long, and every single one is jam-packed with quality storytelling.

The OA begins by introducing us to Prairie, a blind woman who has been missing for seven years, and when she finally returns to her parents’ home in her small town, they discover she is no longer blind. The entire series works to unravel what happened in those seven years, how she got her sight back, where she went, who had taken her… As she tells her story to a group of high school boys (and another familiar face), we also learn more about their lives and how Prairie’s story affects the way they choose to live.

I went into the first episode knowing nothing about the show except what’s revealed in the trailer (which is basically what I summed up for you just now). After the first episode, I had so many questions and I didn’t want to stop watching; not only does Prairie’s story make you want to learn more about the person who kept her captive, but it also raises questions you never expected to have, such as, “So is she like, magic, or have telekinetic powers or something?” Because it is apparent right away that Prairie is not normal.

I can’t even describe how much I love The OA in words, so I’m hoping this will do: The plotline is nothing like anything I’ve ever encountered in any other story before. The characters are all so beautifully rounded and dynamic. The way this show is shot is visually gorgeous. The emotions that were drawn out of me while watching it were so powerful.

Seeing how Prairie brought this unlikely group together, and the way her story created a bond between them made me feel so hopeful and happy, despite how weird and unsettling her story actually is in most parts.

If you haven’t watched it yet, just do yourself a favour. Be ready for some weird stuff, and get ready to have some confusing questions, but strap yourself in for the ride and I promise you’ll enjoy it.


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