My First Gaming System & Favourite Games So Far

When I revamped my blog recently, I included a tagline in my banner: Books, Games, Style, etc. That’s because around the same time as my new blog, I purchased my first gaming system since my family owned an N64 when I was six. I finally have a system of my own: an Xbox One. And I am SO excited to be able to explore the world of gaming.

As a girl I’ve sort of shied away from video games growing up, because I had a lot of guy friends who told me I sucked. But if you take out the intimidation of gaming online, I actually have a lot of fun gaming. I loved my N64 as a kid, and I’ve fallen quite hard for my Xbox in the past month.

So here is my first gaming post!

Favourite Xbox Games So Far

Image result for portal 2

Portal 2 is a game I’ve watched quite a bit of online, but never actually got to play. I started and finished Portal 2 in a weekend. I could play this game again and again. It’s a great beginner game for people like me who are still getting used to the controls, because there are never any do-or-die moments like in a shooter. You can take your time solving the puzzles. I also really loved listening to the dialogue. The story and the writing in this game are unbelievably entertaining. I already want to play it again.

Image result for fallout 4

I’ve just started Fallout 4 and I already love everything about it. I love the story (I’m already extremely emotionally invested in my fake family). I love the detail that I could put into making my character. I love the post-apocalyptic theme (like, I love apocalyptic sci-fi anyway, but this game does it really well). I love that I can collect so much stuff and never know what I’ll need these items for. I’m just so excited to see where this game goes.

Image result for halo

Halo is the only Xbox game I’ve played before owning the system. I spent quite a bit of time at my high school boyfriend’s house playing Halo with him and his friends. Despite the fact I always got made fun of, I actually really loved the game. And now that I get to play it no pressure, you can imagine that the Master Chief Collection was the first game purchase I made (Halo 1-4). I’m making my way through the campaign, and am having a lot of fun with it. I’m finally used to the controls and my aim is getting pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I love sci-fi games, and this one has the nostalgia factor, so I’m playing my way through this series quite happily, too.

My Game Library

Here are some games I bought but haven’t started playing yet.

Related imageImage result for sunset overdriveRelated imageImage result for borderlands 2Related image

I’ll write more fully-developed game reviews (similar to my book reviews) once I start finishing things. But until then, I’ll continue to share with you guys the games I’m enjoying the most, and which ones I’m looking forward to trying.

Does anyone have any recommendations based on the sorts of games I’m playing right now? What are some of your favourite games (Xbox, or otherwise)? What games should I add to my library ASAP?


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