Toronto Christmas Market 2016

I’ve never been to the Toronto Christmas Market before. And I live here. But this year, I’m trying to make Christmas about spending quality time with the people I love and not getting caught up in the stress of finding the perfect gifts, and honestly it’s just been so much better. So one of my besties, Nikki, suggested for our Christmas, we go to the Toronto Christmas Market. And my god, it’s so beautiful.


The market is set up in the Distillery District, which is one of my favourite spots in the city. It’s so artsy and the architecture is so traditional – it’s the perfect place to set up a cozy Christmas scene and have it look like it’s a small town. There are tons of booths set up around the District, as well as food vendors, carnival rides, and of course, the giant Christmas tree. (You can sort of see my shadow, but that tree is gigantic!)


It wouldn’t be a trip to the Distillery if you didn’t get your photo with the heart! There are a number of art installations that are always in the Distillery, and it’s sort of tradition to take your photo under the heart. But there are pretty pink Christmas trees in the background because of the Market setup!


I don’t know what this says about me, but my favourite part of the entire market was the donuts. Uncle Betty’s diner had a booth selling various flavours of mini donuts, so we tried their maple bacon donuts. And let me just tell you – those are the best things I’ve ever eaten. The salty and sweet flavours worked perfectly together, and the donut itself was so fluffy that it just melted in your mouth. I would go back just for the donuts.

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It was pretty busy for a Wednesday night, though, and I can’t imagine how busy it is on weekends, or closer to Christmas. I’d say check it out on a weeknight, if possible. (Note: It runs until Dec. 22nd and is not open on Mondays).

Have you stopped by the Christmas Market this year? What were your favourite parts? Did you pick up any fun Christmas swag or try any fun dishes?


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