Penguin Holiday Market & DIY Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Tuesday, December 6th, I was invited to join Penguin Random House Canada at their Holiday Market, to celebrate the end of another great year.

Let me just say, I love attending events with PRHC. Their team really knows how to create a theme and set the mood. Everything in the office made my heart swell with memories of Christmas traditions. There was a table of gorgeous food, and next to each dish was the book from which the recipe came. I also got to indulge in a glass of rum and eggnog, which is definitely Christmas to me.


The office was beautifully decorated with tons of lights, and a Christmas tree, of course. And everyone loves a good Christmas group photo, so they had a fun photo booth set up. Myself and the other bloggers in attendance all took advantage of the photo booth and came out with a ton of cute group pics!


They had also set up a wheel that you could spin and win a book – and I ended up winning the 2016 Giller Prize-winner, Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien, which I’m pretty excited to read!

PRHC always has these wonderful, cute activities at their events, and the holiday market was no exception. This time, they had us create hot chocolate ornaments! So if you’re interested in learning how to make them yourself, take a look:


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What you’ll need:

  • Plastic, transparent ornament
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Marshmallows, sprinkles, crushed candy cane, any other adornments you like in your hot chocolate
  • Ribbon
  • Funnel
  1. Take the top off of the ornament.
  2. Using a funnel, put a scoop or two of hot chocolate mix into the ornament. Gauge this based on the size of your ornament, but fill it just under halfway. You don’t want it to get too heavy! (Get creative: alternate layers of dark hot chocolate mix and white hot chocolate mix!)
  3. Use the funnel to add any marshmallows, sprinkles, crushed candy cane, etc. Creating a layer of marshmallows really helps to keep the layers separate and looking pretty!
  4. Put the top of the ornament back on. Make sure it’s secure.
  5. Tie the ribbon to the top of the ornament so you can hang it from your tree.

This took honestly two minutes to make, and it’s very cute to give as a gift or party favour!


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