Thrifty Shoe Shopping

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetRecently I’ve really become addicted to thrift stores and buying all of my clothes second-hand. I needed to revamp my wardrobe from “starving student” to “professional office employee” without spending too much on individual pieces. And the main thing I was worried about was shoes. Nice shoes are expensive, but they can also transform jeans and a pull-over into something a little more stylish.

Personally, I do a lot of thrift shopping at Value Village, because of convenience – there is one very close to my house – but there are lots of great stores out there, so check out the thrift shops nearest to you and do some hunting!

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI find a lot of people buy shoes at full price thinking they’re cool, but then can’t actually find a way to fit them practically into their wardrobe, so they donate them. Well, one woman’s  trash is another woman’s treasure, and I am all about the funky shoes that they toss away!

The blue suede boots pictured first in this post are probably my favourite, comfort-wise.  The heels aren’t too high, and  they slide off and on without any laces or zippers. They’re different enough to have snagged some compliments, yet aren’t too crazy. I think I paid $8 for those babies. I tend to wear them with either a cute dress that needs a pop of colour, or take it the totally opposite, comfy direction and wear them with black tights and a sweater.

The brown heels in the second photo are the best of both world – comfort and style. Originally from A&F, they are pretty comfortable due to the wide heel, and are super cute. These heels go well with everything, but I love wearing them with skinny jeans and a plaid button-up, or a short, classic, polka-dotted dress.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This last pair I bought most recently, so I haven’t had the chance to play with them as much. Also, the lighting in the photo is misleading – these shoes are a little more on the olive green side. So far the smaller heel is taking a lot of getting used to (my ankles hurt wearing them, but I have weak ankles – hence all the boots), but they are definitely adorable. The mix of patterns and textures is exactly the kind of style I love, and these ones I use to spice up an otherwise dull work outfit. Jeans and a blazer paired with these guys keeps things a lot more funky and fun!

What have been some of your favourite thrift store finds?



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