Disenchanted Tour: Theatre Review

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I accepted my friend’s invitation to join her in seeing a musical that was touring to Toronto called Disenchanted. I was expecting something like Disney Princesses gone wrong, or an adult take on our childhood favourites – something you really don’t want to bring you kids to – but what I got was a whole lot more.

Disenchanted is a very self-aware show hosted by Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, who are all simply tired of living in the Princess Complex – a world where they’ve been written by men, so all they really have is big boobs and the dream to get married to a handsome prince.

Each of your favourite Disney princesses will make an appearance in this show and sing their story to you in a way you’ve never thought of that story before. Cinderella just wants to eat something, but princesses are trained not to eat. Rapunzel sings about the crazy commercialism of these princesses. But my absolute favourites were sung by the actress playing Mulan/Pocahontas/Jasmine, who belted emotional songs about the issues of racism and why girls have to be prettied up and be hyper-feminine to have their story be interesting.

Disenchanted was satirical, funny and insanely smart. It’s the musical you go to for the laughs and then stay because you’re literally using the raise-the-roof emoji in your head a million times and saying, “YES THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT OUT LOUD.”

Image result for hand-raising emoji

Because it was their last show in Toronto, the princesses spent some time in the audience afterward and took some princess selfies (see below mine and Christine’s photo with Snow White – what a bad ass woman). I was crushed to hear it was their last show in Toronto; there were  quite a few people I wanted to recommend the show to, but I’m glad I was able to catch the show just in time. It was phenomenal.

Ladies – keep spreading the awesome that you are with this show. I left the theatre feeling so inspired, and I’m just so proud to know that this show is gaining success, and touring, and that more and more women have the chance to see it, hopefully leaving the theatre feeling as empowered as I did. Incredible.



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