October 2016: Michelle Muses

Okay, so October was a bit of a rough month, what with the reading slump being the least of my worries. At this point in my life, I need to try to get out of the house, meet new people, and connect with some of my favourite humans. So this was my October!


Thanksgiving: I actually hate Thanksgiving. Like a lot. It’s a huge family ordeal every year and it’s just another holiday that stresses everyone out, on my end. So I’ve never had the big dinner where everyone says something they’re truly thanksful for, and feels happy to be together on this day.

So Luke invited me to join him and his friends at their annual Thanksgiving dinner, and I have to say it was a lot of fun getting to know new people and being social, and feeling very thankful to be part of something on this day.


Double date weekend: Luke and I had two group dates this particular weekend, but at one of them we were far too talkative to take any group photos. But we got to meet up with one of my besties, Heather, and her boyfriend, and hang out in the park eating ice cream after a yummy dinner of pho! I always have a good time hanging out with them.


Sort of going off the double date weekend – Heather and I got to spend some time together before the boys showed up and have some good ol’ mall-hang-outs fun. We got super cool best friend chokers and tried on onesies, aren’t we cute.


The Lockhart: I never realized how often I go to my local Harry Potter bar until I started doing these musing posts, hm. Well, me and one of my other besties Christine met there to catch up over some drinks, and it happened to be HP Trivia Night, which was actually the worst thing ever. Like, people showed up and had studied for this, and it was just far too intense. So we wrote down total BS, joke answers and enjoyed our drinks. The joke answers were a lot more fun to come up with than trying to recall the real ones.


Toronto Women’s 5K: I just started running in April as a way to start exercising on a regular basis. I didn’t want to be that “running girl”. My mom is “that running girl” and I do not want to be that. I enjoy other things FAR more than running. It’s a peaceful hour where I get to be away from my phone, crank the tunes, and have time to myself where I do something good for me.

That being said, there’s also something pretty awesome about challenging yourself to push harder than you have and finishing a 5K without having to stop even once. This is the first time I’ve ever been “athletic” in my life, so being able to complete this was a huge deal for me.


Bryan Cranston @ Isabel Bader Theatre: I love Bryan Cranston so, so, so very much. And this was probably the best book event I’ve ever been to. He is so animated and I loved listening to him talk about literally anything. As part of my “living for me” experiment this month, I’m not writing an event recap post on this event. I enjoyed it. I don’t want to sit and rewrite everything that happened.


Pumpkin carving: Another thing I’ve never really done is the pumpkin carving. My parents did when I was really little, but I’ve never been a part of doing this before. I was down because I had literally no fun Halloween plans this weekend, so Luke surprised me by saying we could carve some pumpkins, and that was a lot of fun! 10/10 sweet boyfriend, right?


Halloween!: Despite the fact I didn’t go out for Halloween this year, I still got to show off my epic costume at my office. We get really into Halloween and everyone dresses up! I can also use this as a cosplay at next year’s Fan Expo!

This month has been a lot of emotional support from great friends in a time where I need to be supported by other people and not just go through the motions of pushing myself through a hard time. So that’s been really appreciated, and honestly, it’s made me a lot happier generally, and that’s something I’m really working on right now.

Next month is NaNoWriMo, and I’m really excited to get started on my novel, so you can probably assume I’ll have a lot more writing stuff to say in November!


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