Event Recap: Simon & Schuster Blogger Meet-up, The Sequel

I was super excited to be invited to the Simon & Schuster Blogger Meet Up this past Saturday, for a few main reasons.

First, I love getting to talk books with fellow book bloggers and book nerds. Second, these events are sort of a safe way to get me to be social. Sometimes it’s hard for introverts to leave the house, and sometimes leaving the house is reward in itself, so these events allow me to do that. But mostly I was super excited for the authors who would be in attendance, because when I saw Kevin Sands (author of The Blackthorn Key) was going, I knew I had to be there.

There was a good number of bloggers in attendance, as we were introduced by Simon & Schuster friends, Jackie and Andie, to the authors of the day: Kevin Sands (The Blackthorn Key), Kevin Sylvester (MINRS), and Erin Bow (The Scorpion Rules). All of these wonderful young reader authors have one thing in common: they all have sequels to their popular books coming out this fall!


(All of the authors are great, and especially getting to chat with each of them, I am definitely a fan of all three, but I am a totally biased and unabashed Kevin Sands/Blackthorn Key fangirl right now, so you’re going to have to continue to deal with that. New book this fall! I will be reading and reviewing it! So excited! Read the first book so you can join me in this excitement, won’t you??)

Following the introductions to these authors and their new sequels, the floor was open to the bloggers to ask their burning questions. Some of my favourite bits as a writer myself, were getting to learn about their individual writing styles, and all of the research that goes into just building a world – things that don’t even explicitly come up in the text, but are implied throughout the novel. And getting to hear about what makes each of these authors tick was so inspiring. Just listening to Kevin Sylvester talk about his passion for space, you could see just how exciting the topics they write about really are for them.

image1(My bookish swag of the day – quite excited to start reading All in Pieces by Suzanne Young)

After a discussion that quickly turned from books and writing onto the topics of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey-ness and favourite Firefly characters, we had a quick lunch, and then moved onto learning about some more great titles coming out this fall. Jackie and Andie had created a quiz and some fun bookish games so bloggers could win some of these upcoming titles, and before I knew it, the day was over.

I hope to be able to attend more events like this in the future – not knowing exactly what to expect, I was pretty quiet and ended up not saying much all day, but I absolutely loved getting to listen to the conversations taking place and I actually need to go back now and read MINRS and The Scorpion Rules so I can properly appreciate all three of these sequels.


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