Event Recap: Books and Brews Trivia Night with PRHC

Last night, I was invited to spend the evening at Penguin Random House Canada with booksellers, book bloggers, and book lovers of all sorts to test our knowledge about the one passion we all share. Out of a large number of tables, only ours sat the book bloggers, so we decided to embrace it and call ourselves ‘Team Blogwarts’. Before we knew it, we all had a drink in hand and the trivia questions began to fly.


Each table was given a sheet that listed off various categories and had five questions per category. Some of our best ones were ‘Classic Child Lit’, ‘First Line/Last Line’, ‘Great Coverage’, and ‘Tube Food’. Maybe as bloggers, we’re more inclined to the visual categories – things we can post on social media and kids’ books with gorgeous pictures or imagery. And even during the categories we weren’t so good at, the blogger table was filled with laughter as we all made ridiculous guesses at what it could be and poked fun at why we had no idea of the answers.


Above you can see the wonderfully fun ladies that made up Team Blogwarts! It was so nice to be able to get social with my fellow bloggers again and nerd out when our favourite titles came up as answers, or laugh at jokes that were totally unrelated.


Once the points had been tallied and the winners had been selected – everyone got to go to a table and choose a few books to take home with them. A few of these titles I’ve been looking at for a while, so I was grateful to be able to adopt them and add them to my shelf.

The PRHC Books and Brews trivia night was definitely a great time – yummy snacks, beer, lots of books and lots of laughs. I really hope to be part of another event like this one in the future!


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