The Book Purge: An Update

Hello all! You may recall that this month my personal project is to purge a TON of books off of my shelves, because I do not want to move 600 books to a new apartment.

My plan was to read the first chapter of books I’ve never read and see if I was interested, but I’ve sort of created a “first wave” to purging, and that is to get rid of books I literally don’t care that I own. Books that I have no idea how they came into my possession but I know I won’t like, be super thrilled that I own them and even if I do one day read them, I probably won’t love them that much. Books I won’t even waste my time reading the first chapters of.

I ended up creating 6 giant stacks of books, each about half my height, including a smaller pile of ARCs. I felt so accomplished for actually making my mind up about these books and deciding to donate them. I was so happy. Until I looked back at my bookshelf and it looked like I didn’t even touch it. The shelves are all still packed. No empty spaces. All that work and nothing has really changed.

So I guess my new strategy is going to be to read the first chapters of those I’m still unsure of, but honestly, I may only keep the books I expect I will love, or the books I already do love and can’t part with.

How do you decide which books are worth keeping, and which ones you sell or donate?


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