April: The First Chapter Challenge

Hi everyone!

So you may or may not have read my post previously stating that I wanted to purge as many books from my shelves as possible, and in order to do that, I have made a game for myself: the First Chapter Challenge.

Well, my timeline has just sped up, and I need to purge as many books as possible by the end of the month, so now it’ll be the APRIL First Chapter Challenge!

I think I have at least 500 books on my shelf – and I don’t love all of them. I haven’t even read most of them. So the plan is to read the first chapter of every book I haven’t already read and decide if it’s worth keeping around to finish or not. I’m going to donate every book I don’t love, along with the ones whose first chapters don’t make the cut.

Throughout this month, you’ll see some reviews on my blog, as well as some posts giving an indication as to which books I’ve decided to purge! The goal is to get my two giant bookshelves down to one. Wish me luck on venturing through my First Chapter Challenge and trying to decide which of my babies to move with me!


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