Delicate by C.K. Kelly Martin: Book Review


Obtained: Dancing Cat Books, ARC
Pages: 226
Publish date: September 16, 2015
Rating: ★★★

When I read the synopsis of Delicate, it sounded pretty interesting, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. For once, it sounded like a YA novel that wasn’t totally hung up on relationships – girl meets boy, boy likes girl, insert some misunderstanding, and then they end up getting together. I’m pretty sick of reading the same sort of young adult over and over, and Delicate seemed to stray from that formula.

Delicate focuses on two main characters: Ivy and Lucan. Ivy is top of the class, leader of the anti-violence league at her school and is headed off to Carlton University in the fall, when her perfect boyfriend of one year dumps her inexplicably before her final exam. Lucan is dealing with some trouble among his group of friends, and some girl troubles of his own. The two of them meet at a family reunion and realize they haven’t spoken in so long due to a mysterious family feud.

This book really focuses on how each character is dealing with their own disastrous summer vacations and how they use each other to get through these tough times. As I already mentioned, what I really liked was the fact that this YA wasn’t hugely focused on romance. There were a few subplots that were about love stories, but most of the novel was pointed at how Ivy was getting over her breakup, Lucan was dealing with a toxic relationship in his group of friends, and how their family had some eventful past that no one really spoke about.

Despite the fact that there were a few loose ends at the end of the novel, which I really wish had been addressed, I quite enjoyed reading about these characters and how they tackled their heart-breaking emotional issues in a mature and refreshing way, rather than seeking revenge or burning bridges.

Delicate is available online at Chapters Indigo and Book Depository, or you can enter the Goodreads giveaway to win a copy!


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