Event Recap: Ethan Hawke at Indigo Bay Bloor

This past Monday, November 23, I was so ecstatic because I was one of a number of ticket holders to be first in line to see Ethan Hawke at the Bay & Bloor Indigo.

In order to fully understand how exciting this was for me, let me explain to you how much I love Dead Poets Society. I’ve seen this movie too many times to count. I watch it anytime I feel like garbage about wasting money on an English degree. I watch it when I’m feeling unmotivated and need to be inspired. I watch it when I’m feeling particularly down on myself for being quiet and awkward, and look to Ethan Hawke’s character as an idea of what I could be like – how he overcame his social anxieties and stood up for what he believed in.

So when I heard he was writing another book and would be signing in Toronto, I didn’t know how to react besides: BUY THE TICKETS.

Upon arriving at the store, there were already aisles of people lined up waiting to meet Hawke. Once we were in line, we received our pre-purchased copies of his new book,Β Rules for a Knight, and prepped them for signing.

At 7:00, Hawke was brought out onto a small stage on the lower level of the store and was greeted by many cheers and people standing on tip toe with their phones trying to take photos of him. One of the event co-ordinators mentioned that Hawke was charming the pants off everyone in the green room, and that he signs very slow so everyone could have a chance to speak with him for a little while. I thought that was really cool, since usually it ends up being that the bigger the celebrity, the less time they want to sit and chat with you. But Hawke was very open to making sure each fan left there happy.


When it was finally my turn, I was almost shaking, but he was really kind; and when I told him my love and appreciation for Dead Poets and how his performance in that movie is particularly inspiring for me, he added a little “Carpe Diem” into his message.


Overall, it was a really great time and once again, a wonderful event done by @indigogreenroom. I think everyone had a great time and came away from there feeling quite star-struck.


3 thoughts on “Event Recap: Ethan Hawke at Indigo Bay Bloor

  1. Erika Chung says:

    That’s so awesome and amazing! I first saw the Dead Poet Society film in creative writing class in high school, and it’s truly a wonderful film. Happy to see you had the chance to meet such a cool person!

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