Leading Lines by Chantel Guertin: Book Review

Leading Lines

Obtained: ECW Press, ARC
Pages: 216
Publish date: October 13, 2015
Rating: ★★★★

I recently read the first two books of the Pippa Greene series, Rule of Thirds and Depth of Field (click on the links for my reviews of those books), and easily found myself falling into the series. I needed to read the next book right away – which honestly, was a bit of a surprise for me, because given only a summary of the books, they sound very light, like a typical YA series (not my thing), but they are totally not as light and fluffy as they sound.

Leading Lines tells the story of Pippa Greene, a photography-loving teenager who recently got back from a trip to New York City for a two-week photography program. There are two main plot lines that surround this series, one being romantic and the other being family drama, and both of them are both followed up very well from the first two books. By this point, Pippa is feeling quite distant with her boyfriend, Dylan, and is also trying to find a happy place to sit within her family, which has just suffered a horrible tragedy and is getting harder to deal with, as secrets are beginning to unveil themselves.

I think my favourite thing about this series is that the plot and characters never go where you think they’re going. If at any point you’re reading and think “wow what a cliche, this is obviously what’s going to happen”, you’d better swallow your words before you put your foot in your mouth. Because I made that mistake while reading too many times; I was so sure I knew what to expect, but Guertin and Pippa constantly surprised me.

I also spoke about this in my Goodreads review of the novel, but the main points in the romantic plot of this novel actually had my stomach in knots. It hit a point for me that I’d actually experienced not too long ago and I had way too many emotions while reading about Pippa going through the same thing. Guertin described the situation so perfectly, that as I was reading, I felt like I was reliving everything. It made me feel a lot of feelings I hoped never to have to go through again, but at the same time, it is a testament to the series and the fact that it is so real and well-written.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who is up for a unique YA read, or to anyone who loves photography. The references to one of my favourite hobbies throughout the series made it that much more enjoyable to read!


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