Event Recap: City on Fire with Garth Risk Hallberg


This Wednesday, June 24, I was invited to join a group of book sellers and publishers at the Penguin Random House office to celebrate Garth Risk Hallberg’s debut novel City on Fire.

I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet (it doesn’t hit shelves until October 2015), but after having done some research, I found that City on Fire is one of the most anticipated books of the year. It’s supposed to be a must-read epic novel, one which Hallberg put very many years into and is now reaping the rewards.


The event itself was quite nice – there was wine and cheese, and the new office room allowed for the guests to mix and mingle with one another, as well as get a chance to speak with Hallberg himself. As a blogger, I’m used to internet communication, so I tend to cling to a wall at events like these, but I actually got around to socializing and it was a lovely afternoon.

Speaking with Hallberg was also very interesting; he spoke about how he put seven years into this novel, starting at about age 25, which gave me hope that I’m definitely not too young to be coming up with such epic stories.

I’m hoping the novel gets into my hands soon, because I am very excited to start reading!


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