Top 5 Tuesday: Cosplays

You may have noticed in the About the Author section of this blog, I dabble in cosplay. I don’t spend a ton of money or spend time stitching together my costumes, but I find it so much fun to put on a wig and an outfit I’d never normally wear and head to a nerd con, where other nerds may recognize which character I’m dressed up as.

So keeping in the theme of #GEEKMONTH, here’s the Top 5 Cosplays I’ve ever put together!

1. IMG_3685

Kaylee Frye from Firefly

Why: This was my first ever cosplay, for Fan Expo 2012. It’s nothing particularly special, but it was my first one, and it’ll always mean a lot to me.

How I did it: I grabbed a vest, cargo pants, and a pink shirt, dirtied up my face a bit and tied my hair in pigtails. That was it.

Favourite moment: I was taking a picture of a guy dressed in an epic Master Chief cosplay, he took off his helmet and asked if I was supposed to be Kaylee from Firefly. I felt like I was doing something right and wanted to pursue this a little better on my next try.

2. DSC00300

L from Death Note

Why: Fan Expo 2013. I had recently watched Death Note and was looking forward to cosplaying my favourite character.

How I did it: This one was just as simple as the first. Jeans, white shirt, but this time I needed to find a wig and make sure my black eye makeup was perfect.

Favourite moment: I kept in character all day, and my boyfriend at the time dressed as Light, so we were handcuffed together at the con. A few people asked for photos and it was a lot of fun!

3. DSC_0280

Eleven (Matt Smith) from Doctor Who

Why: Toronto Comicon 2015 was approaching, and I’m currently in the process of marathoning Doctor Who. How else could I cosplay when getting a photo op with Karen Gillan?

How I did it: This one took a bit more to put together, compiling pieces of things I already had. I owned the sonic screwdriver, and my friend gave me the fez for Christmas. My dad gave me the bowtie, knowing I’d want to cosplay the Doctor at some point. The jacket and shirt were already in my closet.

Favourite moment: A little girl dressed up as Ten was so excited to see another Who fan that she came over and gave me a slip that said “Emergency Bowtie: Because you never know when you’ll need the Doctor” (or something along those lines). It was adorable.

4. IMG_20140718_113514

Katy Perry

Why: Prismatic Word Tour 2014. I love Katy Perry – her music is uplifting, but honestly, her image makes her stand out for me. She’s just a little bit out there and has a sexy but quirky style that I wish I could pull off. So I took the opportunity to embrace my inner Katy!

How I did it: My shorts. I bought the wig and the crop top to recreate her “California Gurls” image. The bits you can’t see are the fact that I put on fake eyelashes and nails with cheetah spots (to celebrate “Roar”). The makeup was the hardest part.

Favourite moment: I got quite a few moms giving me disproving looks, thinking I was a young teenager, which is nice when you’re not a teenager! But I also got some compliments on the wig, which was my favourite part of the costume.

5. 10606201_511515058984811_373874004450092407_n

Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann

Why: Fan Expo 2014, I wanted to do a cosplay after all this time that was a little more epic. After watching a lot of anime, I decided the only female I’d want to dress as was Yoko because she is such a badass!

How I did it: I bought a lot of these pieces individually. I’m not talented enough to make my own! The shorts are mine, I got the top/boots/belt/arm bands/scarf from a cosplay maker, a wig from another individual, and the hair clip from a creator on Etsy. It came together really well!

Favourite moment: I figured this costume would be better received at Anime North, but there were a ton of people asking for photos. The best moment though was when I saw a guy dressed as Kamina (Yoko’s love interest in the show) and we got a photo together. Awesome!

So now you’ve discovered my closet hobby. To me it’s totally fun to dress up as my favourite characters and embody them for a day.

Do any of you cosplay? Or have some hobbies people think are a little strange?


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