Event Recap: Neil Smith

On Monday, May 11th, 2015, bloggers and book fans alike came together at Type Books, an independent bookstore on Queen St. W in Toronto, to celebrate the launch of Neil Smith’s novel, Boo (full review here).

IMG_20150511_193255 (1)

The store wasn’t very big, so with no real room to mix and/or mingle, the event couldn’t last too long. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t do the author and his book justice. I ended up spending the evening in the blogger corner with a group of fine book enthusiasts as we sipped upon our signature drink of the evening, the “Liquefied Ghost” (vodka, cream, soda water and vanilla, featured below in the photo by nikkitheknack).


Once the bookstore was hoppin’, Smith himself arrived and found a nice empty-ish middle-ground to plant his feet and talk about his book. After a short introduction, Smith gave his thanks and proceeded to read from the first chapter of Boo, putting on voices for each character and giving a true feeling of immersion into the book.


Once he was finished what was nothing short of a genuine performance, Smith made his way toward the crowd and started to sign books. As I’ve mentioned a few times, there are moments when I meet authors and get totally tongue-tied. And maybe it was the Liquefied Ghost, but when it was my turn to speak, I wasn’t nervous at all! In fact, Smith was probably one of the most laid back authors I’ve met and was super nice to all of us bloggers as we discussed with him some of the topics in Boo.


The signed page in my book is now being proudly marked by this adorably geeky ruler bookmark that they were giving out at the event.

I may not have spent a long time inside Type Books for this one (it was getting hot with so many people there to celebrate with Smith), but it was honestly one of the most fun nights I’ve had with an author in a while. Boo was incredible, and I’ll gladly go back and read his previous works now (a collection of short stories called Bang Crunch!). And I really recommend that you all do the same. But read Boo first. I really can’t rave about it enough; it’s probably my favourite read of 2015, so far, and I don’t see it losing that title anytime soon.


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