The Wild Oats Project by Robin Rinaldi: Book Review


Obtained: Penguin Random House, ARC
Pages: 320
Publish date: March 17, 2015
Rating: ★★★★★

I heard about The Wild Oats Project from my friend one day; she gave me a brief overview of what this memoir would be about and how she couldn’t wait to get her hands on a copy. A woman in her mid-forties who desperately wants to live her life and suggests an open marriage to her husband – and he agrees? Sign me up! Next thing I know, I’m receiving it as an ARC, and I was so ecstatic to finally be reading it.

The Wild Oats Project is Rinaldi’s memoir written about the year she had an open marriage with her husband. Rinaldi wanted to have kids, which he wasn’t willing to give her, so she suggested they have an open marriage and explore their sexual lives for a while – take some time apart to learn about themselves and have some fun. Her husband agreed, and that’s where the Wild Oats Project comes in. Rinaldi’s husband actually was the one who encouraged her to write this memoir that discusses her experience of living on her own during the weekdays for a year and all of the time spent learning about herself from her lovers. Don’t say he wasn’t supportive of this, because he was. And that’s one of the reasons I love this memoir so much.

Rinaldi is very honest and descriptive about everything she went through during her Project, so if you’re not into reading tasteful sex scenes or raw emotion, this may not be the book for you. Personally, I absolutely loved it. I can’t say I relate to Rinaldi, having been married for so long and feeling the need to experience something new. But it really empowered me as a woman. I felt like learning about all of her sexual workshops and “free love” experiences, I gained a lot of knowledge on a subculture I knew very little about, if anything.

I don’t normally read memoirs, but I definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants to read something new and interesting, and possibly come out feeling inspired – not necessarily inspired to suggest an open marriage to your spouse, but inspired to live life on the edge and be willing to jump into new experiences you may not have considered before!


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