Life of Pi by Yann Martel: Book Review

Life of Pi ended up being my favourite summer read a few years ago. When I heard the summary, I was not too thrilled. It’s not something I would typically pick up and read, but I figured I’d give it a try. The minute I picked it up, I found it extremely difficult to put down again. I stayed up later at night to get more reading in, read on the bus, and read at my friend’s house until I got it done.

Life of Pi is a wonderful story about a boy, Pi, and his family zoo in India. The family decides to move their entire zoo to Canada, so they made arrangements, got on a boat and began their journey. But when a destructive storm rocks the ship, it leaves Pi stranded in the middle of the ocean on a small lifeboat with their most dangerous tiger. Pi must affirm his dominance over the tiger while trying to find his way to land, and find any trace of his family.

This book was simply mesmerizing. I was enthralled by the danger of Pi’s situation. I always wanted to know what would happen next. I was constantly wondering if he would ever find his family, or if he would outlive the tiger, or if they would ever make it to safety. And by the time I reached the end, I realized it wasn’t just a compelling story; it delivered a lovely message as well. I really recommend Life of Pi to anyone else who is slightly interested, and I’d gladly read anything else Martel decides to write.


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