Complete Plays by Sarah Kane: Book Review

I read Kane’s play, Blasted, for my Modern Drama class and immediately fell in love with her writing style, so when school reading was over with, I headed straight to the library to take out her complete works. If you’ve watched my YouTube video about Sarah Kane, you know exactly how I feel about her.

Kane’s full works are comprised of the plays BlastedPhaedra’s LoveCleansedCrave4.48 Psychosis, and a short screenplay, Skin. If you read through this book from beginning to end, you’ll see just how she transitions from expressionism to full on abstract theatre. Blasted has some sort of plot that gets diminished as you move on, but once you get to plays like Crave, you’ll notice you’re not in Kansas anymore. You have to start reading with a theatre-mind, and not a plot-driven one; read with your heart, not your head.

She is violent, she curses, she is controversial and in-yer-face, and Sarah Kane is one of the most interesting playwrights I’ve ever read. I’ve read her works at least six times now, and each time, I discover something new to marvel over. She keeps me thinking outside the box, and reading things from multiple perspectives.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, I highly suggest you read this compilation of works by Sarah Kane.


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