Pet Sematary by Stephen King: Book Review

This was the first King novel that really made me obsessed with his writing style. Simply hearing the plot of the book made me immediately assume it would be like a cheesy horror film from the 50s or something, but only King could take a situation like this and turn it into something truly chilling for any sort of audience.

Pet Sematary tells the story of Dr. Louis Creed, his wife Rachel, and their two young children, Ellie and Gage. The family moves to a small town in Maine next to a lonely, elderly man, Jud. Jud takes the Creed family on a tour of the land and shows them the “Pet Sematary”, where children bury their dead pets. Beyond this, he tells them, lies an ancient burial ground said to have strange powers. While on a family outing that didn’t include Louis, his daughter’s beloved cat dies. To ensure she doesn’t find out, he buries Church in the ancient ground, only to find days later that his family cat has risen from the dead. What will Louis do with such a strange power? Read Pet Sematary and find out!

The plot had me wary at first, but once I dove in and chose to believe anything that King threw at me, the experience was very enjoyable. His descriptions are thrilling, and once you’re engulfed in his stories, they’re highly addictive. You need to know what happens next. If you’re at all curious about King’s novels, I suggest you read this one and join me in my admiration of his writing.


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