My Inspiration: Gregory House and James Wilson

I’m kind of in a House MD kick right now, and these two characters have really been helping me through a rough time. Both House and Wilson, though completely opposite characters, share a common trait that inspires me to power through each day, and that trait is determination.

House and Wilson may have complimentary personalities to one another, but they both go through some horribly life-crippling experiences. Before the series even starts, House loses the use of his leg and becomes a cynical, sarcastic man who needs handfuls of Vicodin to get him through the day, while Wilson has suffered through three divorces due to his resentment for each woman which develops simply because he is too nice and wants to give them everything they want. And their misfortune only extends throughout the series.

Everyone has things that they must overcome, and they must do it in their own way of dealing with things. For House, it means popping pills with every breath and focusing on the patient-puzzle at hand, for Wilson, it means putting on a happy face and looking toward the future for better things. However it’s done, the determination and will power to continue doing what they love regardless of anything else is truly inspiring.

Both House and Wilson, despite the terrible things they have to put up with, are two of the best doctors in the country. They study hard about the topics of which they are passionate and when the going gets tough, they have each other to lean on. Their friendship is further encouragement. They are both so vastly different, yet find comfort and loyalty in one another, even though they have gone through hardships between themselves.

House and Wilson are huge inspirations to me. Whenever I think life is getting too tough, I just focus on my writing, like they focus on their practice, and the other problems seem to wither away. And if writing doesn’t help, I know I can always depend on my friends to put a smile on my face.

Like my favourite TV doctors, the inspiration and motivation for my work comes from the pain I endure in day-to-day life.


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