My Inspiration: Darren Criss

I usually get inspired by other writers, or characters who love books and follow their dreams; it’s very rare that I’m inspired by an actor. But with a story like Darren’s, it’s almost impossible not to feel inspired.

I first came across Darren Criss when my friend sent me a link to a video playlist on YouTube. A Michigan university drama program had put together a Harry Potter parody musical – A Very Potter Musical. I finished the entire musical online, and watched the sequel before realizing that the boy who played Harry was named Darren Criss. I always thought he was really talented, but even more so after finding out that Darren also wrote the songs for A Very Potter Sequel. He definitely had star power. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that he would be taking on a secondary role in the hit TV show, Glee.

After Darren was on the show for a season, he became so popular with the fans that they bumped him up to a main character for the next season. And even with his Gleecareer being so successful, Darren took the time to do a run on Broadway for a couple of weeks between filming in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, as the lead role.

It’s no surprise that every fan of Darren Criss feels like a proud parent when they see him succeed, how could they not? Darren went from typical theatre student, to internet sensation, to TV heart throb, to Broadway. He followed his dreams, did everything he could to get his name out there, and achieved everything he could ever want to achieve in the field of acting. He’s even been in music videos and attached the silver screen!

Darren Criss is such a huge inspiration to not only me, but a lot of other kids out there who are hesitant about their chosen career path in the arts. Wanting to write or act or design or sing is hard knowing how difficult it is to break into the industry, but with a story like Darren’s, it’s a little more hopeful. If Darren can go from theatre student writing parody musicals to Broadway and one of the biggest TV shows of the last few years, anyone with enough determination and passion can achieve their own crazy dreams.


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