Come Closer by Sara Gran: Book Review

Just like a large number of books on my shelf, I picked this one up randomly at the bookstore. There was a table of last copies near the front of the store that were on a 4 for $20 sale, and Come Closer was one of the books I chose. To be honest, the reason I chose it was because the cover was enticing, it was short and I opened the book and its chapters were very short. When it comes to books, I love short and sweet, and I figured this would be a fun thing to read in the midst of my heavy reading for school. I had no idea that short and sweet is just a cliché, and this novel would be short and creepy.
Come Closer tells the first person narrative of a woman who finds strange things happening to her. At first, they seem harmless, books about demons falling from their shelves in front of her, but then she forgets how the tube of lipstick ended up in her purse as she and her husband walk out of the store, or can’t remember when she started smoking, and things start to get a little scary. The protagonist slowly starts losing control of her actions and begins going to anyone who can help interpret her dreams of a sharp-toothed, dark-haired woman who hugs her on a red beach. Desperation takes her to her wits end and takes the reader along for the ride.
It didn’t take me long to read the book, as I predicted, but due to its quick-reading nature, I was reading this book well into the night thinking, “I’ll just finish before I go to bed”. If I have any advice to a reader of this book, I would say do not ever read this book when the sun is down. I’m a huge Stephen King fan and read horror novels on a regular basis, and this novel gave me nightmares for a week.
I hope to hook my readers as well as Sara Gran hooked me so early on in her novel.
The tone of the book resembled something like the film, The Ring. A woman who has no one to confide in, talking to anyone she can to solve a mystery on a time limit, and hopefully before she loses complete control. I highly enjoyed the read and if you like horror novels, you should give it a read.

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